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It’s your smile that kills me in the best way possible each and every day.


The cold scent of rain against my window pane reminds me, again.
The faint dim light from the candle bright reminds me, oh, it reminds me.
We used to curl up late at night, your arms around me tight. Kept me from my own frightening.
Ever since you left my side, I find my heart ever wanting, you left it wanting..
Cuz you….. You tore out my soul….. You hardened your shell then shattered and yours. You left….. The pieces askew…. Now I must do, what’s left to survive.
Did you ask yourself just why?
Did you ever think to try?
Were you planning all along?
To leave my heart, undone.


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Such a well behaved little man;) #pippin #kitten #thanksforthelovemke #collectivo #coffeedate

Decide what it is you want.

Make a fucking plan and work on it.




…”decide what to be and go be it”

If only I could actually decide!!!


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This cat is a fucking badass!